The house: a combination of exaltation and rigor, extravagance and refinement

Arredi Steel Line sees the abode as a combination of opposites: thrill and strictness, extravagance and sophistication, natural elements and innovative materials. Since the Company’s founding, the goal of Arredi Steel Line has been that of the pursuit of excellence, a passion that has transformed this company into an Italian leader in the production of luxury furnishings, internationally recognized as one of the most authentic expressions of the success behind “Made in Italy”.
Arredi Steel Line offers up interiors with a contemporary and innovative design, yet which are free of those passing trends – furnishings that allow for unparalleled combinations of materials and forms. This is our constant challenge to avoid the stereotypes of mass production that tend to eliminate creative possibilities; design, execution and workmanship following a logic based not on industrial optimization, but rather the finest craftsmanship in the different stages of production: “Made in Italy by Italian hands.”